Brave New World: 2016 in books

2016 seems thankfully far away.

What this tumultuous year has shown was a fantastic feat of anti establishment and sociopolitical triumph. It lay unharmed to the apparent death of social justice, or at least the masquerading self-proclamation of social justice, the rise of a forward thinking political movement, and the rebirth of the people’s democracy.                                                      ‘Rights’, freedom, tradition, utility and progress were questioned, which seems to have spawned paradoxical internal division, a great social chasm, or a liberating sense of a more existential freedom, a democratic rebellion against bureaucracy, a mutinous shift against the ‘progressive’, a questioning of all the values our predecessors held dear, in favour of our own creation of morals.

Each month, with its tragedies and euphoria was intensely followed by the post-truth media, its gullible readers revelling in its shocking, tarring, sycophantic travesties of truth. Although, I mentioned 2016 left in favour of our own ideals, which leaves the question of our own creation of truth.

This is an alternative booklist; one which doesn’t suggest, rather relates and connects political and social events in the months of 2016 to works of fiction.                                              It’s rather like a game, if one can compare the events of 2016 to that.

JANUARY The Driver’s Seat 

FEBRUARY Of Mice and Men

MARCH The Good Terrorist

APRIL Mapp and Lucia

MAY – Last Exit to Brooklyn

JUNE Lord of the Flies, The Crucible

JULY – The Star Diaries

AUGUST Animal Farm


OCTOBER – The Mysteries of Pittsburgh 

NOVEMBER The War of the Worlds, Madame Bovary

DECEMBER – Just an Ordinary Day